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Probiotics for Digestion and Immunity

You may not be familiar with probiotics. In fact, many people still don’t know about this term, but they may have used yogurt for its soothing effect on the digestive system. The science behind yogurt for digestive heath has been passed through generations as part of our traditional knowledge. Yogurt and other fermented products contain micro-organisms that are beneficial to your health. These health supporting microorganisms are known as probiotics. They live in our gastrointestinal tract and provide many health benefits by sustaining a symbiotic relationship.

Several studies were undertaken to verify this traditional knowledge and it was observed that the "good” bacteria can prove instrumental in treating digestive problems. For example, clinical trials have confirmed that certain probiotics like lactobacillus and saccharomyces are very helpful in treating childhood diarrhea. Probiotics containing Bifidobacterium bifidum and Streptococcus thermophiles may keep children safe from more severe forms of diarrhea that are caused by rotavirus. The research work about various strains of probiotics led to the development of probiotic supplements which are available in liquid, powder, pills or capsule format. These supplements are used to quickly replenish the gut flora when good bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics.

Some research studies have indicated that probiotics can prevent ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract. Earlier, some theories were propounded that probiotics can replace the damaged digestive tracts, but recent studies have indicated that microorganisms form temporary associations and provide the same functions so that the damaged part gets additional time for recovery.

Besides supporting the digestive system, probiotics have a more pronounced role in boosting your immunity. The indigenous microflora is responsible for immunephysiologic regulation that acts like a barrier against antigens and invading bacteria. Probiotic therapy strengthens a non-immunologic gut defense barrier by normalizing the intestinal permeability and restoring its micro-ecology. According to immunology experts, probiotics can be very useful in alleviating intestinal inflammation, regulating hypersensitivity reactions and normalizing gut mucosal dysfunction.probi chart

The majority of our immune system (70% – 80%) is located in the digestive tract.
The gastrointestinal tract is designed to absorb nutrition and act as a proactive host defense against toxins, antigens and other pathogens. The probiotics are a very crucial part of this defense mechanism. They compete with available resources and reinforce mucosal barrier by regenerating the epithelial intestinal tissues. The gut associated lymphoid tissues provide a more direct role in boosting your immunity against invading pathogens. These tissues are the largest lymphatic tissues in your body and product T-cells to protect the surface of the mucosal membrane. The indigenous micro-organisms also release certain peptides that kill invading bacteria and prevent them from entering your blood stream.

New born babies gut flora mainly consists of bifidobacteria that are present in breast milk, but formula fed babies may develop more complex flora consisting of bifidobacteria, bacteroides, clostridia and streptococci. It’s very important to understand the probiotic composition of baby milk until they develop gut flora composition resembling the adults. Research studies have demonstrated that improper microflora leads to digestion problems and immunodeficiency like undeveloped endothelial venules, hypoplastic or undeveloped lymphoid structures, and systemic lymphopenia or low lymphocyte count.

You can benefit from a good digestive system and boosted immunity by including yogurt and fermented products in your diet. Unfortunately, most of the yogurt on the market is loaded with sugar. So much sugar that it may outweigh the probiotic benefits. We agree with the majority of health experts who say that supplementing with a probiotic is the best way to ensure your healthy intestinal flora and strong digestive and immune systems.

Probiotic Super Strains - Learn More Here

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