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Health - Don't overlook the importance of sleep.

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STUDY: Sleep loss increases disease risk, shortens life expectancy.
• significantly reduce your risk of disease and accidents
• improve and restore your memory
• transform both your physical and emotional health
• start feeling better immediately

These expert reports on sleep have staggering implications to boldly remake every aspect of your health . . .
• How sleep helps you stay mentally sharp at any age
• How better sleep can help you avoid dangerous falls and the painful, life-altering bone fractures they cause
• How sleep may reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke
• How to simply be able to enjoy a dinner with friends, a visit with the grandkids, or an evening at the symphony – all because you got a restful night’s sleep the night before

It turns out that getting an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep each night is essential for maintaining a good memory. This means that any memory loss you may be experiencing is not necessarily the result of simply getting older. Interruption of your sleep could be the real culprit that’s causing your forgetfulness. Amazing!

Chronic lack of sleep is a shock to your immune system. University scientists say that sleep loss "causes inflammation, elevates blood pressure and heart rate, and affects glucose levels, leading to a much higher stroke risk in the sleep-deprived.” That’s worth repeating… one university study of more than 5,000 otherwise healthy adults found "a much higher stroke risk in the sleep-deprived.”

Mayo Clinic says that sleep is essential to good health. It’s one of your body’s basic needs. Mayo also says that millions of us are trying to get by on too little sleep and that eventually; this behavior will catch up with us. Mayo also reports that individuals who are sleep deprived are at higher risk of accidents or performance problems because of daytime sleepiness.

In addition ¬"research indicates that people who don’t get enough sleep are often at increased risk of high blood pressure, negative mood, irritability and obesity.” So far, we’ve learned that major hospitals and universities have definitively linked lack of a good night’s sleep to memory loss, stroke, high blood pressure, being overweight, and being irritable.

Studies reviewed by Newsmax Health even reveal that sleep loss has indeed been shown to dramatically increase your risk of a stroke. In fact, one study says that sleep loss quadruples your risk for a stroke.

This finding is from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. And it also says that three of every 10 Americans are in the group that has four times the risk of stroke due to lack of sleep.

Harvard research shows: Lack of sleep results in "increased risk of chronic disease.”

"If you sleep less than six hours per night and have disturbed sleep, you stand a 48 percent greater chance of developing or dying from heart disease.”

Dr. Blaylock tells us that insomnia is far less common in young, healthy people.
Insomnia is closely linked to age, multiplies depression risk 17 times.

As we age, the problem of sleep loss grows, and by midlife it can become overwhelming.

Among the dangerous effects of sleeplessness is becoming 17 times more likely to suffer from chronic depression.

If you're one of the millions of people who aren't sleeping well and are aware of the dangerous side effects of prescription sleeping pills, you can get the sleep you need. There are incredible natural ingredients that can help you get into a healthy sleep pattern.

Night Tea - Learn More Here

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