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U.S. Activities Bundle
The U.S. Activities Bundle offers 4 eWorkbooks as follows:

1. Name the State - 7 pages - View the image of each state, write the name of the state and its capital on the lines.

2. U.S States, Capitals, and Activities - 21 pages - Write the name of the capital next to the state name, write the name of the state next to the capital name, several research pages, and a travel fun page

3. U.S. Maps - 15 pages - The majority of the maps offer questions with each map. The maps are as follows: U.S. map, outline map of states, borders of the U.S., map showing bordering countries, regional maps, maps of desserts, rivers, lakes, national parks, map of state abbreviations

4. U.S. Thinking Fun - 25 pages - This consists of word searches and criss cross activities. These activities help children become familiar with the state names and capitals and their correct spellings.

Platform: PDF file for both Windows and Macintosh

Age Group: 8-10

ON SALE! - Just 3.95



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